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On 17th November we will massively occupy the streets of Ljubljana because we think, that today's situation and even more importantly, the path for the future is not set right. Workers' demonstrations for higher wages will be supported by both, elderly and young. All of those fed up with humiliation and exploitation!

Governmental and capitalistic propaganda and their advocates would like us to be convinced that we are living life of dreams. But since we are not stupid, we know, that our situation is not improving and that the prospects for the future are uncertain. So very praised economic growth does not only mean successes of Slovenian economy but also indicates larger levels of exploitation and further social differences.

Demonstrations will unite thousands of workers, men and women. Numerous young - workers, schoolkids, students will also participate, as well as numerous deprivileged workers, who don't have their own labour union's representatives. Not only because of their own status but also to support union's demands. Given the fact, that today's situation is not bright for any of those groups and the fact, that the future perspectives for those groups are very uncertain, we think, that it is a high time for serious and organized incorporation of these subjects into the public debate about current situation and about future.

Student movement Autonomous tribune is therefore motivating formation of Autonomous block at the demonstrations, which will join both young and a bit less young from different stories: students, schoolkids, unemployed, deprivileged and migration workers and many others. In this way, we will be able to clearly express our views, address masses with wider topics and in doing so, will be able to respond to labour unions' call more seriously, support their demands, and enrich the demonstrations with our own content.

We will meet on 17th November at 9:30 a.m. at the bus station!


Letter of support for labour protests 17.11.

Today situation of workers is not rose-coloured. Although government, capitalistic sounds and their ideological priests would like to convince us otherwise, people are not stupid. People can think and know that their situation is not improving. So very chanted economic growth does not mean solely successes of Slovenian economy. Back side of this process is reduction of worker's rights. Actually we have to step on the side of student or worker in order to understand the whole phenomena: economic growth means above all larger level of exploitation of workers and also students. What does that mean concretely? Wages are reducing, there are more and more of unemployed, gained rights are reducing, really, life in this splendid country beneath the Alps is getting better...

Labour fight is student's fight. It is not only about act of solidarity, more it is about wider perception of social problems, which demands mental effort of each individual. Students will become workers, some of them work even now during their study. To be more educated does not mean assured job. Therefore students have to deal with eminent working issues very early. But workers and students also have many things in common. Not only that they are their parents. Workers can soon realize that trends of privatization of school system are not separated from privatization of other sectors of social state. Therefore the front for maintaining public sector is in formation and new programme basis which can serve alternative organization of society, are being defined through common fight.

Fight for higher wages is of course legitimate union fight. We accompany and welcome this fight and at the same time we announce that we will address the masses with wider themes in the range of autonomous bloc. Our main 'sting' will 'fly' on problem of privatization and capitalistic organization of economy as well on state's repression and other forms of domination. Extra important is of course also difficult situation of students in the light of educational reform, which is being rejected from the very beginning by the Autonomous tribune. Autonomous tribune will work in direction of immobilization of student population and will not only support demonstrations declaratively.

Therefore, see you on 17th November in occupied and motley Ljubljana, where drums will resound and where we will exclaim that we are not so easy up for sale. Not today, not tomorrow, never!


Autonomous tribune

Ljubljana, 30.10. 2007

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